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Better Than Beautiful

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From L to R: Lura Sandy, Rosemary Castillo-Sporck, Mariella Eggers, Bob Speelman, Chris Samons, Gloria Torres, Corey Procise

January 4, 2018
NOTE: This story was taken from the blog of Bob Speelman, owner of Meadow Grove Transitional Care, and Atlas Healthcare Solutions. Bob goes to a different one of his 35 facilities each week to better learn his company motto - Supporting Superior Care.
I had the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful woman who we have the privilege of having on our team at Meadow Grove Transitional Care, our 99-bed facility in Grove City, Ohio. Her name is Gloria Torres, she is a single mom of two children. Her son Nester is 10 and her daughter Arianna is 11. They are everything to her. Gloria never knew her father and lost her mother when she was 6 years old. Her grandmother had always been very involved in her life and after the tragic death of her mother, Gloria’s grandmother raised her as her own. Her grandmother, Victoria Rivera, is someone Gloria loved very much and was a huge influence in Gloria’s life. She told me her grandmother moved to the United States from Puerto Rico by herself at age 14 in search of a better life. Now that her Grandmother has passed Gloria finds the family bond and love and sense of purpose in her role as a care giver. To see Gloria with her residents and to see the love and compassion she shows them, you can tell she views them as her family.

I’d argue that Meadow Grove Transitional Care is the most beautiful nursing home in Ohio. It really is gorgeous. Both the outside and inside of the facility is simply not the image one conjures up when thinking about a nursing home. There’s even a real Starbucks machine available for residents, staff, and families! But what is so incredible about Meadow Grove, is the aesthetics are not only matched, but trumped by the care given to each resident family, and team member. From the top, Lura Sandy is the administrator extraordinaire that sets the vision of excellence in the facility. With her, Gail the receptionist, Mariella the Director of Nursing, Rosemary the nurse with probably the biggest, most welcoming smile I’ve ever seen, and Gloria, mediocre care is simply not in the playbook. Simply put, Meadow Grove is beautiful, but the care they give is even better.

When talking about the different team members she works with, Gloria said, “We have a great team here and we all help each other out to make sure our residents get everything they need.” That wasn’t just talk, that’s really how things are at Meadow Grove; I saw it first-hand. They all worked together as a care-giving team. All departments saw their role as serving and caring for their residents and it was beautiful to be a part of.

One of the nurses that Gloria primarily works with is Rosemary Castillo-Sporck. Gloria said Rosemary is a perfect example of the type of nurses that she works with at Meadow Grove. They are part of the team like everyone else and don’t act like they are too good to do anything. Everyone is there for the residents and they all help each other do what it takes to make sure they are well taken care of. Rosemary had this to say about Gloria, “She is great because she is dependable, sincere, takes initiative with what’s going on with the residents, has an incredibly strong work ethic, and loves her residents.”

I left Meadow Grove amazed that we have the privilege of having such wonderful people like Gloria working with us and caring for our residents. I want to thank all of our caregivers out there for the love, kindness, hope and dignity you give to those you care for. You are amazing people and I am honored to get to see what you do and who you are. You not only care for their bodies, but for their spirits as well. You strive to make their days as pleasant as possible, despite the pain, by doing their hair, painting their nails, putting up drawings from their grandkids, or even playing a song on your phone that they like. You do anything you can think of to bring a smile to their faces. I’ve seen it today, I’ve seen it on this journey and I love you for it.

The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it,
but what they become by it.

- John Ruskin

Thank you Gloria for today. On this journey to discover great caregivers and what makes them great, you have inspired me to become a better care giver myself.

With profound gratitude,

Bob Speelman, STNA

In loving memory of Victoria Rivera.

By raising such an extraordinary person in Gloria, you have made more lives better than you will ever know.

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