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Ohio University Student Wins Brian Colleran Scholarship!

October 24, 2018
NOTE: The following article was posted on the Foundations Health Solutions website. Meadow Grove is proud to be a part of the Foundations Health family and also proud of the accomplishments of our awesome intern, Josie Woosley. Enjoy the story below. She is a true blessing to all.

Ohio University Senior, Josie Woosley, has been awarded with the Brian Colleran Healthcare Leaders Scholarship. The scholarship award is the result of Josie's outstanding performance in Brian Colleran and Foundations Health Solutions' Internship program for Ohio University students in both the Healthcare Administration and Long-Term Care programs. 

Josie's internship was recently completed this past summer at Meadow Grove Transitional Care, a 99 bed, all private room skilled nursing facility in Grove City, Ohio. Meadow Grove sticks out from its nearby competitors by not only offering 5-Star Care, as awared by the Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services, but also by offering private rooms for all residents, regardless of payer.

The three month internship was life changing for both the residents of Meadow Grove Transitional Care, and Josie herself. Josie was often found returning to the nursing facility after her scheduled hours to spend time with the residents, doing crafts, and spending time together. At the end of the internship, Woosley was so impacted by her time at Meadow Grove that she spent her last two weeks of summer vacation completing a State Tested Nursing Assistant course. "I didn't like that there was certain areas that I wasn't able to help the residents because I wasn't licensed. So I took the class because I thought it was the right thing to do. " said Josie.

Foundations Health Solutions founder, Brian Colleran, awarded Josie with the scholarship as he saw her impact and story as the essence of the culture he is implementing at Foundations Health Solutions. After learning of her accomplishments at Meadow Grove, Brian was inspired by her story and is looking to find even more Josie's in next year's group of leaders from Ohio University. "What an honor it is to have people like Josie caring for our residents!" said Brian.

Josie plans on completing her next internship at another one of Foundations Health Solutions facilities in Columbus this summer. "I want my next facility to be a challenge," said Josie, "I would love to have the hardest job at the facility where its needed the most. I feel like this is the best way for me to grow as a leader. Challenging situations make you better."

Foundations Health Solutions provided internships for Josie and 15 other students this summer. From Athens to Dayton to Grove City, students from both healthcare administration programs at Ohio University were able to learn to apply the things they were learning in the classrooom in real-world experiences in several of Foundations Health Solutions' fifty-five nursing homes throughout Ohio. The internship program was the vision of Brian Colleran and his leadership team that wanted to find ways to provide direction and guidance for undergraduate students looking for an internship to meet graduation requirements. Each student was met by the leadership team at Foundations after applying for an internship, to create a custom experience based on the goals of the students and the areas where they felt like they needed to grow the most.

"Congratulations Josie! You are an inspiration to our residents. You are an inspiration to our employees. And you are an inspiration to me. Your story is powerful and I can't wait to hear more!".
-- Brian Colleran, Foundations Health Solutions

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